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Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the online tutoring market growth was expected to increase from 1.3 Billion in 2019 to 1.53 billion in 2020. With the closure of schools and the increasing demand for online tutoring, further growth is expected to reach 2.38 billion by 2023.

As the numbers increase, we examine the effectiveness of online tutoring with a realistic approach by inspecting the benefits and drawbacks of online tutoring.

For tutors, access to a diverse group of students online is far more effective than having to travel to each of the student's homes for tuitions.

Due to travel being non-existent, a tutor can work comfortably from home and also work at later hours allowing them flexibility with their schedules.

With cutting-edge apps and accessible virtual classrooms, tutors can interact live via video, hold full sessions and create shareable content enhancing engagement with their students.

Modaris Virtual Classroom is a feature exclusive to Modaris. Here tutors can conduct high-quality classes through this dedicated Virtual Classroom. Modaris Virtual Classroom helps tutors communicate and tutor effortlessly. Some powerful tools that Modaris Virtual Classroom has that most conferencing systems don't, is being able to open multiple whiteboards simultaneously where you have the freestyle drawing option and can include equations, pictures, and view content from YouTube. Another excellent feature is the code editor for tutors who teach programming.

With the current climate and concerns about personal space and safety, online tutoring is the preferred choice for both students and tutors.

The disadvantage for tutors is the time students want access to tutors outside of the set tuition schedule. If a tutor does not set rules for engagement outside the tuition time, a tutor can expect students to ask for assistance any hour of the day or even sometimes at night. Scheduling or managing time to assist students even after hours is just as important as scheduling time for online classes.

For Students, finding the right tutor who lives close-by or has the time to travel is extremely difficult.

Online tutoring gives students access to a wider range of professional and highly-qualified tutors. Finding a specialized tutor to cater to a tutee's customizable requirements has become simple and easy.

Students are now able to schedule their classes as they require, and can now allocate time to focus on their courses, and to set time aside for other activities.

Without the pressure to interact face to face with other students or teachers, students can focus on work.

Tutoring, when done right, delivers highly effective results. Student's grades and scores show dramatic improvement.

Online tutoring has also helped students who previously did not have difficulties and have now fallen below grade level due to the pandemic.

Parents are now more engaged as they too are involved from the selection of specialized tutors to making sure all the tools are available for their children.

Overall, online tutoring today has far-reaching benefits and is essential for students who require assistance with their courses.

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